About me

About me:

Name: Krzysztof

Family name: Mierzejewski

Address: Nowy Targ, Polska

…and about my photography:


One simple word which brings me so much consideration.

I am a self-taught photographer…

At first, there was an ordinary interest, hobby, which with time turned into an enormous passion.

So what does it mean to me now, when it fulfils all my free time and arranges my schedule every day?

It is my true love…

One day it carries me up to the sky, while the other day it brings me only disappointment.

Now I’m no longer trying to answer this question: when did it all start “for real”

There was a time when I tried to define every breakthrough in my photographic career as a new beginning.

My photography, however, is a series of consideration.

It is something different than the first frame taken single-handedly at the age of 6.

Each single frame is an idea which results from my photographic conscience…

Light, vision, line, frame… click!

I would love to invite you to visit the pages of my gallery, where I hope I managed to enchant all of the above into my works.